Believe it or not there are a lot of questions surrounding confetti and this is the page to find all those answers. If you can't find what you're looking for please pop us a message on social media or through our contact page.

How many handfuls are in a litre?

We look between 10-15 handfuls depending on how it is being distributed.

When should I order my confetti?

You can order your confetti at any point but if you have more than one month until your wedding then we will automatically delay your order.

Your order will then be posted our 2-4 weeks before the date you provide us with.
We cannot take any responsibility for petals before these times and no refunds will be provided for any spoiled petals.

How much does your packaging hold?

All our packaging with the exception of our cones are for one person. Each items holds one handful. Cones contain double the amount and can therefore be shared between two people.

Are your petals natural?

Yes, we only sell naturally grown petals. Picked and dried just for you.

Do you sell plastic?

No, not unless you can make use of it again, we do not support one use plastic.

Our packaging and products are all either compostable and biodegradable or they're reused from recycled products.
All our products can be recycled, simply check with your local recycling plant if you're unsure.